Take 6The Best Stuff In The World Today Cafe

Time for lunch, my stomach said I left the office to get fed But I had dined at every place on Min My appetite was ripe for change And there stood this old restaurant I had never seen before And a stranger in an apron Came bursting through the door and said: [Chorus:] Welcome to the best stuff, In the world today cafe We all all believers, In a better way We were served as customers, Here not so long ago But now we all are waiters We thought you ought to know Then the waiter said to me "Everything we serve is free" And when he saw that I was full of doubt He shoved the best stuff in my mouth And the food was so fantastic I could not stay in my seat I jumped up from the table Dragged a stranger off the street and said: [Chorus] And if you're inclined to take the time to show your gratitude Then serve somebody else today just like I've done for you Pretty soon the business went berserk And all the people left their work In every case because they took the time to serve They each got more than they deserved And the pantry soon was empty and all that they could find Was some simple bread and wine But the people stood in line to say: [Chorus] So no you know the way I learned That once tables have been turned It's just not enough to have your fill Tip the waitress, pay the bill When you could serve the banquet That the world's so hungry for So grab a waiter's apron See who's at the door and say [Chorus]
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