Take 6Wait For The Sunshine

I Can Still Remember Like It Was Yesterday Summer Vacation On The Way I Was So Excited I Could Hardly Sleep Next Year I Start The Second Grade All Night Long I Wondered What It Could Be Like Then My Father Said One Thing That Made Me Feel All Right [Chorus:] Wait for the sunshine In the morning time It's another day that you were mine Your love is like sunshine After a stormy night My sunshine It Wasn't Very Pretty No All Those Things We Said We Used To Be The Best Of Friends (My Mon Ami) And There Are No Excuses For The Way We've Been Now It's Time To Make Amends Before Days Turn Into Weeks Turn Into Years (Before Too Long) Tonight Let's Take The Time To Understand The Tears [Chorus x2] You May Be Struggling Trying To Find A Friend (O Help Me Lord) Wondering Why You Don't Fit In (Don't Get Me Wrong Just Get Along) And All The Dreams You're Dreaming Seem So Far Away (Just Remember) Greatness Starts Within Even When The Finish Line Is Hard To See (Keep On) Don't Stop Running Because You Just Might Be Somebody's Sunshine... [Chorus x2]
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