Take 6More Than Ever

One, Two, Or, Three... Maybe A Hundred Times, She'd Say A Thousand Times That My Insecurity Was Showing Out Over And Over Again And The Problem Wasn't Her (It Was Me) And The Fact That I Never Trusted You And I Know That Must Have Disgusted You But I Had To Hurt 'Til I Learned [Chorus:] More than ever... After what I been through All I really know is that I need you More than ever... Standing here in the rubble I know that I'm in trouble I need you more than ever (never ever) (Never) Do It Again... But I Did It Again And I'm Standing Right Here In This Place Again Hoping That You Would Forgive My Sin... I Don't Really Care 'Bout The Bridges I Had To Burn I Just Chalk Them Up As Lessons I Had To Learn... There's One Thing, That's Pretty Clear To Me With You I Have All Things Without You I Have Nothing [Chorus] Just Like Oceans Need A Shoreline So They Won't Just Spill Away Just Like The Moonlight Needs The Sunrise So The Night Can Turn To Day Just Like The Flowers Need The Showers So Their Beauty Won't Decay That's How I Feel You That's How I Want You That's How I Need Your Love... Today [Chorus]
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