Take 6Feels Good

Always Thought It Took A Lot Of Hard Work Always Thought I Had To Deal With The Pain Walkin' Round With A Heavy Load While My Back Was Breaking Under The Strain Then You Came And Told Me I Could Be Free And It Sure Feels Good! It Sure Feels So Good Life Is Short And You're Movin' Fast Got Your Wheels Spinnin' Out Of Control I Was There Headed For A Crash When I Learned I Had To Let It Go Right Then I Knew I Couldn't Deal With The Speed As Long As I Was In The Driver's Seat That's When Love Came And Rescued Me And It Sure Feels Good. It Sure Feels Good [Chorus:] (Don't you know it feels)it feels good! It's so amazing! Feels good! Perfect love! Feels good! I don't know how you do it But it sure feels good! Sure feels good! Ever since I gave you total control (feels good!) Changed my life as soon as I let go (feels good!) Having you in my life... Sure feels good! (Well) Now I Smile Everywhere I Go Cause My Steps Are Laid Out For Me Got A Joy I Never Felt Before Cause It's Cool To Simply Follow Your Lead Well, It Shows When You Look At My Face It's A Reflection Of Your Love And Grace You Got Me Dancin' All Over The Place And It Sure Feels Good! [Chorus:] Good Good Good Good Sure Feels Good [Repeat] Don't You Know It Feels Good [Chorus:]
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