50 CentBody On It

News report Reporter: Police search for clues on the q 111 bus where two people were shot, one Fatally Witness 1: You heard like a few shots ring out and uh, you know by living in the Neighborhood familiar with those sounds. We knew it was gunshots, so Automatically you know we started taking cover because we didn't know or Establish where they were coming from Reporter: Police say it all started in south jamaica about two and a half miles away From the shooting on the bus at jamaica station Witness 2: I was trying to get away from the area, after the first shot, it was very Traumatizing to me like I've seen this happen a lot of times and didn't Want to be involved. I didn't want to be that person that get a stray Bullet or nothing like that Reporter: Police arrested a 34 year old man, they believe he is responsible for both Shooting incidents. They also recovered a handgun. He was arrested not far From here near jamaica station in jamaica, queens. Zach fink ny1 50 cent: It's the big 10, it's been 10 years since 50 cent is the future I'm tired as a motherfucker What you want me to be I've tried to see [Verse:] 50 cent Yeah bitch I got my second wind You could pretend I ain't the shit I'm guilty, I'm guilty Yeah I'm filthy fucking rich I'm strapped your honor New mac, my armor Point blank, catch in my bulletproof persona New version of dama Pussy eating piranha My tongue touch your flesh Your bitches say I'm the best The crackers say I'm racial Wait a cotton-picking minute Now I'm racial Cause I done put cotton-picking in it Put a knot on your fucking head Yeah that'll happen first I'll put a dot on your fucking head You'll end up in a hearse They say I play mind games Warrior mind frame These bitch niggas always forget to say my name Go ahead, I want you to You four, I'm on to you I'm so strategic you wouldn't believe it And they know, everytime I come around Pit stop and their 10 o'clock down Gotta know about me [Hook:] 50 cent My nine got an extended clip on it My tech got all kind of shit on it M beam hollow tips rubber grip on it Night vision through the sight when I grip on it My nine got an extended clip on it My tech got all kind of shit on it My pound got a body on it body on it My man put a body on it body on it [Verse 2:] 50 cent I read a blog They said I ain't got it I still got it Oh lord! Look whose gonna meet the edge of my sword I'm taking off now bitch All aboard If you want to ride fuck it let's ride It seems like principle living's starting to fade Even is a gangsta's life, niggas is snakes No loyalty, rats ratting on members of the game Funny they were family before the pigs came [Hook:] [Outro:] 50 cent Yeah, this right here one marks the decade of hot shit If a nigga say I fell off all I want you to do is ask him when What they gonna say, what the curtis album? Okay so number one's not good enough I gave you ayo technology that was number one I get money, that wasn't hot So tell me when I fell off Yeah, when I gave you motherfuckers what you asked for With before I self destruct You looked at me and was like We cool fif' You know why? Cause I won too much in front of you niggas That's why It's alright go out take a break come back So hot you can't deny it It's your boy 50 This one right here is for the haters for real I want you to eat a dick Don't suck a dick, eat a dick Chew it. Haha
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