One DirectionTaken

Now that you can't have me You suddenly want me Now that I'm with somebody else You tell me you love me I slept on your doorstep Begging for one chance Now that I finally moved on You say that you missed me all along [Chorus] Who do you think you are? Who do you think I am? You only love to see me breaking You only want me 'cause I'm taken You don't really want my heart No, you just like to know you can Still be the one who gets it breaking You only want me when I'm taken You're messing with my head Girl that's what you do best Saying there's nothing you won't do To get me to say yes You're impossible to resist But I wouldn't bet your heart on it It's like I'm finally awake And you're just a beautiful mistake [Chorus] Thank you for showing me Who you are underneath No, thank you, I don't need Another heartless misery You think I'm doing this to make you jealous And I know that you hate to hear this But this is not about you anymore [Chorus] Now that you can't have me You suddenly want me © 2017