Olly MursTell The World

I can see pouring rain See my future heading for the drain So bet'cha wondering Why I got a grin permanently on my face Stumbling downhill fast Wasting time that I just don't have But still I got a smirk Like I'm up in first When I'm in economy class And I could be on my knees Going from bad to worse And all a my hopes and dreams Come crashing down to earth No matter how bad it seems... Any time I wake up and I see your face Every single morning it's a sunny day Don't know how I ever lived life without you But girl you got me running to the highest place So they can hear me screaming from miles away Gotta tell the world how I feel about you Tell the World This ladder I'm 'bout to climb Need the highest roof I can find I'm headed for the top Dodging all the rocks Till I hit the clear blue sky Every day I keep it to myself I'm doing damage to my mental health If I don't let it go think I might explode If I don't get help What a wonderful feeling She got me up s high feel like I'm touching The ceiling I can touch the sky me and the birds are chilling Yeah you got that lottery love - one in a million One of a kind, many men spend their whole lifetime Searching for the special someone but it Aint my girl So I don't care if they look at me weird I know just what I got and I'ma tell the world
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