Skinny PuppyOvirt

We have found in past excuses Shrinking hands extending service Like some I'll bought warranty Selfish terms to suit the day Before the shady last decision Shameless squanders nose and vision Off towards that well bought place To spite the nose right in your face Look inside that dirty hole What is there left overthrown Over there nothing is known Another place to dig that hole Mumbled like the clever clueless Building moles to hills that throw off What's inside that mighty mountain Hollow is the core alive Makeshift plans to take control of You're the island no one flies to Waiting for the understanding Never coming to your land Look inside your eyes behold Back toward what's over sold Over there is nothing grown Over here is over gone Whose been making feeling faking All that stutters left beside Churning fast stir the fat and Kills you while it's sleepless Who knows who the thief is His truth is in the secret It's something you believe in Come away and fall with me Go away and falter © 2018