2 Live CrewC'mon Babe

Bm = Brother Marquis Fki = Fresh Kid Ice Intro: (sound of woman being fucked) Verse 1 Go to my house and fuck forever, [Bm] When the party's over, we can get together, And do whatever comes to mind Let me stick my dick in your behind Then suck my dick until I c** You can pour me a glass of Dom Perignon Soft is your body, tender is your kiss C'mon, baby, we can do this! [Fki] No need to act stuck-up, pretty and seditty Got a funky disposition and you think you're witty You're not used to people saying things like this It's called criticism, and not a diss I only give compliments when they are due Now I'm gonna tell you all the truth I'll be gentle, baby, 'cause we can do this! You claim to be a virgin, I mean the purest Verse 2 [Bm] Love is the key to end all your woes You'll be my bitch, not a dirty hoe Together as one we will be I'll be fucking you and you'll be sucking me Then lick my ass up and down Don't try to be slick and give me a kiss Lick it 'till your tongue turns doo-doo brown C'mon, baby, we can do this! [Fki] bitch, it's time to spend the night Holding each other like lovers do Let's walk the beach in the moonlight Makin' love, holdin' you near When the pussy's wet, I'll know what to do Screams and moans is all I hear Quick is your tongue, soft is your lips Suck it, bitch, 'cause you can do this! Verse 3 [Bm] Let's get it goin' on, let's act a fool Listen and learn while I take you to school You say you don't fuck on the first date? Then fuck you, bitch! I ain't gonna wait 'Cause my dick is hard and my back is strong I'll find another bitch to get it on 'Cause now is the time so stop the bullshit C'mon, baby, we can do this! [Fki] As you move your body, the shit you say Will make any man want to stay 'Cause being with you is all I ask And fucking you will be my task My lonely nights will be filled with fun No more clubs and s** on the run Just suck this dick, while here I lay You can do this, so c'mon, babe! (Mixx cuts "Fuck me, bitch!") Verse 4 Now you wanna start acting dumb [Bm] bitch, you say you's gonna give me some You wanna play cat and mouse When I catch you, I'ma stick my dick in your mouth Just fuck me good until I skeet Now stop the teasin' and start the pleasin' Bitch, stop fakin', you need to quit it [Fki] Step to me and fall to your knees C'mon, baby, 'cause we can do this! Do something special you know I like Suck this dick, put me at ease Up and down, as I climax Smokin' head and please don't bite Slow and easy I pull the seat back Steady in motion, I quietly say We can do this, so suck it, babe! Woman's voice: "I think that type of sexual activity is disgusting
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