2 UnlimitedSensuality

Sensuality, sensuality Your love's got a hold on me Hey... Hey... Physical attraction Like a walk through the valley of paradise Clouds disappear and the sunshine rises Inner thoughts overflow like the sea The secrets and fantasies of the body It makes you sweat, it makes you wet The kind of feeling that you got to get Supernatural, irresistible Feel the love, 'cause I like it sensual! What is this physical attraction? Can't help it, I need satisfaction Oh yeah sensuality It's got a hold on me What is this physical attraction? Can't help it I need satisfaction And I need satisfaction yeah Now take a deep dive, let your emotions go Further than you wish, but look out be cautious The mind and body come together as one But play it safe if you're gonna have fun You need satisfaction, so start the flexin Hungry for love, the physical attraction Sexual, natural, no added flavor 'Cause I like it sensual Got to get it Physical attraction Yeah, so sensual Supernatural irresistible Hey yeah.. hey yeah.. Physical attraction Sensuality I need satisfaction
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