Florence + The MachineHalloween

Well let me tell you a story, now About a judge, a thief and a wife and a clown 'Cause on this fine, fine day one of them goes down The judge said to the thief: "Boy it's a fine day for justice." And the thief said to the judge: "Old man it's a fine, fine day for love." The wife said to the clown: "My dear, you gotta take the judge down" And the clown, the clown he just smiled. As the clown stood covered in the judge's blood, he cried: "Well I will be a fool no more. I will be a fool no more." As he turned and cartwheeled out the door Now let me tell you something The thief, the thief and the wife, well they left that day Left the, left the clown covered in the judges blood alone. The clown frowned as he fell to the ground: "It's a fine, fine day for love. It's a fine, fine, fine, fine day for love. A fine, fine day for fools. And I will be a fool no more, Because of you. "
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