The GameMartians Vs Goblins

Mars Blood gang kill 'em all, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kidnap a vampire, drain all his fuckin' veins Wolf gray Jordan's, use his intestines for the strings Snatch up Rihanna and throw her in front of a fuckin' train Sniff a fucking unemployment line of cocaine Tie Lil' B up to a full tank of propane Swag, now watch him cook And just stand there and look Have a bonfire with old Harry Potter books Martians versus Goblins, goons versus the crooks And since me and Tune had Viacom shook I shoulda got a real-ass pirate to do the hook Maybe Jack Sparrow maybe Peter Pan's nemesis My power's limitless like Blanka on Sega Genesis Superhero, mad that Marvel overlooked me Cause Spiderman and Hulk straight pussy [Chorus] Bitch I'm a mothafuckin' martian (Goddamn Goblin) Bitch I'm a mothafuckin' martian (It's the goddamn Goblin) Bitch I'm a mothafuckin' martian (I'mma goddamn Goblin) Mothafuckin' martian (Goddamn Goblin) We are not the same, I am a martian A year ago, I was poor, somewhat Now my future's brighter than Christopher's new haircut Bruno Mars is still sucking dick and fucking male butts In the same closet that Tyler Perry gets clothes from Um, I suck? Where the fuckin' Ring Pops? You got a better chance of getting a copy of Detox Wolf Gang, we rock, crack rock and that shit was expected Like Jayceon whenever he name-drops (Fuck you, Tyler) Jesus, motherfucking Theresa This nigga Game got Wolf Haley for this feature My team is running shit like we have full-cleat Adidas Getting chased by the polices on a full bred Cheetah Bishop Eddie caught me tryna escape Bag full of drag and a Nicki Minaj mixtape Dragging all you fags to the back of the log cabin Fall back like Lebron's hairline against the Mavericks (he lost) [Chorus] I do 'cause lil' Tunechi always bless me He killed me on my own track, so what? Not you Fuck you, I spit like I had kids with Erykah Badu I fucked her on the day of that naked video shoot I was sucking that pussy like it was wonton soup Then I hit Lebron's mom in bron-bron's coupe With Delonte West taping, we had bon-bons too And Cleveland cheerleaders, they had pom-poms too So I smacked them bitches wearing Bishop Don Juan's suit (Where was Snoop?) I don't know, probably doing what the Crips do But when I'm with my uncle, fuck it! Then I'm a Crip too And I will Crip Weezy, Crip Jones, and Crip you Now I'm the Doggfather, walking with a Shih Tzu Mad that DC comics overlooked me Cause Captain America's straight pussy [Chorus] © 2017