The GameThe City

[Intro:] Leave the angels in the city Leave the angels in the city [Verse:] Tell them muthaf-ckas I'm forever paid California king wrestle gators in the Everglades Drive up out that muthaf-ckin swamp in the Escalade So before you put that Red rag in your pocket I wanna see your f-ckin resume Started off on Ground Zero, then I start to levitate Rip rappers a new asshole: I never hesitate Dre Beats on, smoking that chronic just to meditate I'ma give em hurricanes until another Levee break You niggas is featherweight, I'm Aftermath's heavyweight Now Dre's weapon of mass destruction is 'bout to detonate When a nigga wack found me, shit, I was selling weight Now a nigga's selling millions, now it's time to celebrate Performing in front of millions, nigga every race 64 in the '64, now watch the Chevy scrape 4th album, no 5 mics? Then let 'em hate But I'm not stopping 'til I'm the f-cking king in every state [Hook: Kendrick Lamar] Recognize my life, ridicule my fight Give me fuel for the fire burning when I yearn these lights In the midst of the hieroglyphs my fingertips start to write Get familiar with Cartwright Cause I wrote that shot, I'm a raging bull when the needle drops For the record, I'mm wreck it, even if my record don't pop I'mma tie your knot on a Downtown building, let it tow behind me Tell 'em they can find me in the dark with the ghetto children look at my heart Nigga f-ck your feelings, this is me [Verse 2:] I'm sick of muthaf-ckers talking about "the West died" Can't you hear my heart beating? That's the motherf-ckin West side, you test me, you test God I'm his son, insane songs, you come at me Then I can split you with this Tommy gun You won't have no time to run I'm from the Compton slums and that's how the West ride I'm from the city where 2 of the best died Rest in peace to both of 'em, spit like I'm the ghost of 'em Damn, I said I spit like I'm the ghost of 'em Name your top 10, I'm harder than the most of 'em Matter of fact, shorten your list nigga, top 5 Game, Biggie, Hov, prolly Pac, Nas, no particular order Bet a mil that I slaughter, serve niggas, give a f-ck what you ordered How dare you niggas pop fly When I'm the nigga sold 5 mil out the gate and numbers do not lie [Hook:] [Verse 3:] I gave you the Documentary, shit was a classic Gave you Doctor's Advocate, you ripped it out the package Came with lax, since critics said it was average I was stressed the f-ck out, torn between Aftermath and Geffen, Interscope, now I got you in the scope Spill the red ink on the paper, it's like my pen is broke And this is what you all been waiting for I'm the lost angel knocking on Satan's door What the f-ck y'all take me for? I love you cause you hate me more I'm Kobe on the Lakers floor, except I give you 84 Shake you like Haiti's floor, walk up on you Like "what's going on baby boy?" Shots in that Mercedes door Either I'm crazy, or the black Slim Shady, or Could that be the reason that Baby said he would pay me more But I still owe Jimmy one more album The best the West has ever seen, no disrespect to Calvin [Hook:] [Verse 4: Kendrick Lamar] Kendrick, And I wear pendant on my shoulder, soldier Like a lieutenant, and the coupe tinted got pulled over Johnny always lock a nigga down Knowing damn well we don't wanna see the box like Manny Pacquiao Little nigga Mayweather size, ride like Pac in his prime Thug life is now on radar Til the federal come through and raid ours Reminiscing when the la Raiders Was in my home, snapback fitted on my uncle's dome And I don't condone dickriding I'm addicted to Westsiding Living in a city where the skinny niggas die And the semi bullets fly, but it turn me to a lion Trying, and I mean that shit Game came through, put the city on his back I was in the city with a nigga, had seen that shit "Compton!", a nigga gotta scream that shit Never went commercial, Never T. V. Screened that shit Can't block or screen that shit, now everybody sing that shit [Outro:] Red, is a very emotionally intense colour. It enhances Human metabolism, increases respiration rate and raises blood pressure. It has a very high visibility, it is why stop signs, stop lights and fire equipments are usually painted red. It also represents one third of California's gang population. Needless to say, please dress accordingly while visiting the Los Angeles area. Also, tuck your jewellry, and keep your hands inside your vehicle © 2018