38 SpecialSaving Grace

Without direction I walked the night I was alone, a single beam of light One glance and you changed my blues To a prism of light, a thousand hues. Now, I must climb to the rainbows arc Who knows, I might find a halo for your heart. Whenever I'm lost for words And my whole world's fallin' apart..... (Chorus) You are my Saving Grace You are the light of a love everlasting I find a hiding place in your arms My one and only Saving Grace. I fought the world with a restless heart Kept my emotions locked away in the dark. Then you came to build me up When this world could only tear me apart.... (2nd Chorus) (bridge) For the rest of your life You can count on me To never let you down. When you whisper to me You give me strength to believe That I can hold on somehow. (3rd Chorus)
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