It's like this yo, and we don't stop! Jay-Z Check it I get deep and dark like ditches But when I rap I come off like that without the glitches Never crossed the black cat with the riches I'm leaving Stevie sayin' no Wonder you're superstitious! Beef, I'm with it, simple, ya'll can all get it Ya'll don't all get it Don't nobody of mind for this matter Can gather the data until ya mind don't matter! I bubble like lather, hustle like the lead-off batter? Cause all that matters is the money, 'till it ain't funny! You feel me? When the beast screams kill me Don't jerk me boy, I rip it silly! I'll let you rise of course, but if you don't fall off on your own Emcee's I cut off at the knees like shorts It gets worst! If you don't care for my sick thoughts like a nurse! With no known remedy, I'm leaving boys and men on bended knee till the end of the road I lie low, forget this record shit, with one sale... Check it out! The nerve of these herbs Ya'll know which swerve from the curb in the lax The best observe I'm splashing, splurging, dashing that's my word ya know Champagne glass is crashing, can't ration Used to having a whole lot, so dough, I blow a lot Had a buck fifty while you were still taking skibby to school Ran with one of them cats that hides Tiffany's for them jewels Back when Duke was jumping out of cabs in Krush Groove I was scheming and plotting mostly Dreaming alive, but look what it got me! Four cars and four hundred shots later You know what I mean!
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