Kanye West & Jay-ZIllest Mother Alive

I say world wars, start wars... I once said when I grow-up I blow up her B***h you are famous The world seems all with me Is there life of the crimes doing robberies Nobody is stopping me I'll be a doctor or a lawyer Dogs I was thinking About reading Tom Sawyer Holmes never had a pops Role model stoner Never will I make the draft Don't have a jumper 9 to 5 ain't for everybody Reading the fundamentals for school Ain't for everybody All I want is money and status And be somebody Not broke sleeping in attics Being a nobody For sure I'll get big rate That's what I can see honestly 45, honey why I got to be The life I live now but not how is going Pretty soon my problems will go away with the wind Tired of waking up just doing the same s**t Get dressed, hit the block, be on the bank s**t I want something better Not the baggage I came with The only change that I see Is the coin that I flip with Tired of looking at my girl Can't take her shopping The bills due I only got the stuck of my pocket My life reality might do so just watch it So what I'm gonna be when I grow-up? Will I ever make it? Will I blow her? How my life good? Will be a bommer on the street I wanna make it from the hood That is good for me Dead guy So what I'm gonna be when I grow-up? Dead guy So what I'm gonna be when I grow-up? Dead guy So what I'm gonna be when I grow-up? Hopefully I'll make it Hopefully I'll blow her
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