Kanye West & Jay-ZLift Off

Before I start, rest in peace d al With that said take a shit on these cows I used to sail white, play the race car Now I ball rap about it, call this shit sports bar Going hard,... over time Loaded... fold you up, futon ... from the sun, I'm that high Counting ones, make a lot of bread like the pro sun Better slow it up, we fliest you know I'm the one who know, flow cold free yo Take a number 2, shit on all ya I'm here to clean the game, you seen the lights on Most talk raw how they flip for a profit No rap gods, they all false prophets Stop it, your brakes ain't broke Therefore your career can come to a hold Like a top that a chick wear, really don't care You get beat like a snail Flavor in your ear, flow ugly... riding that trap You hit a lot of dears in the process You don't... rap, I be in your area Probability, 12 to 1 not fair to ya I handle ya ... with the verbal gun, my boss tight Virgin none Jag some mike in a hurry They killed the shit, car... Sorry but life's not a game no I bag a lot of cheese call me just the cheeto Free throws know I'm taking easy shots Balling ain't nothing when you practice a lot And y'all want some top Little mama was good I tell her like this, get the... says bad luck She knocking on wood So hood, swag's on live If y'all the best living, nobody alive ... I'm so sick... got a bad chick Nicknamed her lassie Flashy, see me I'm shining Blow your brains out, leave you absent minded The name to me timeless, so you can call me butter The... street like a god damn clocker Word to your mother, I'm here for dum rap put her on the track Sell cats plus some stacks how about that Clock gas get you... I mean that shit from the bottom of my heart Working too hard I'm in the front row's apart Who got boss, tell them that guy Enjoy these mixtapes, time flies
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