911In A Magazine (Album Version) (Feat. Queen Pen)

Featuring Queen Pen] Intro/Chorus: 911 The girl was lookin good Like a lady should I remember where I saw her I saw her in the magazine Her body's tight, her fingers right Reminds me of a girl from around the way Ooooh oooh, I saw her in a magazine Verse 1: Queen Pen, 911 Uhh, I heard you been lookin for me Diggin me down, giving me nothin but peach Ha please, you know where to find me when you need me Queen P, got you charmed out like them trees or Lexus, heck a car load full of G's Impress thee, wit the realism technique Automatically, pulled you right into my lead Feel me, as you indulge in your magazine I couldn't believe my eyes When I opened up that magazine It was the finest girl I ever seen I think I knew her face I saw her hangin out around the way Watchin all the players play, whoaaa Her smile sets off this glow and when she walks, it's such a sexy flow I think I want to let her know, that (She's a bad mamma jamma) Owowohhh Just as fly as she can be, ohohowoh Chorus Verse 2: 911 I, often dream of us and I can't believe it feels so real It gives me such a freaky thrill I like to hold her hand and tell all the fellas I'm her man But my dream came to an end Now that she's on my mind I just wanna make her mine We'll be together til the end of time, ooooohhhhhh (Yes I can make my dreams come true) Then everything would be so cool and I would never spend one night without you Chorus Bridge: 911 I can't explain, what she's done to me So fine that it's a crime Ooooh, I want her in my life She's one of a kind That girl, she blows my mind Verse 3: Queen Pen uhh, ain't no need for awakening, cos you're not dreaming I mean your optics be as clear like semen It's me, squeaky clean, mentally and physically I be's the one to weigh you down like a triple beam Whore on the low low, never showin off like dem other hoes I let my appearance show and prove That's my motto, boo, styles of all types So peel the lights and Pen, keeps it tight Chorus: 911 The girl was lookin good Like a lady should I remember where I saw her I saw her in the magazine Smilin that day, she still looks good Like she's got it goin on Ooooh ooooh, I saw her in the magazine
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