A Tribe Called QuestThe Infamous Date Rape

Classic, classic, Classic example of a, a date rape [Repeat: x4] [Q-Tip] Listen to the rhyme, it's a black date fact Percentile rate of date rape is fat This is all true to the reason of the skeezing You got the right picking but you're in the wrong season If you're in the wrong season, that means you gotta break Especially if a squad tries to cry out rape You be all vexed 'cause she got it going on You don't want to fight 'cause you know that you're wrong So instead you rest your head on the arm of the couch Envision in your head of a great sex bout Worthy opponent, all you want to do is bone it You ask can you kick it, she says you can't stick This is the case, the situation is sticky Should you try to kiss or head for a hickey Not even, you can ask Steven If the vibe ain't right, huh, ya leaving Hit the road Jack and all of that But if she offers her abode, to drop ya load Right smack dab in the middle Get the kitten, I got crazy tender vittles [Phife] Uh huh, you know science, you get buckwild Running mad games as if your name was Scott Skiles Or better yet Magic or even Karl Malone Regardless who it is, your aim is to bone If she tries to front, then you start to dis her If she's with the program, that's when you start to kiss her Might as well get to the point, no time to waste Might as well break the ice, then set the pace You start to talk nasty, now she's ready to bone Step out of the shower, throw on cologne All of a sudden, her sugarwalls tumble down like Jericho She's hotter than Meshach, Shadrach and Abendego You listen to After 7, break fool after 10 Do your thing at 12 o'clock and when you go again There goes round 1, ding, there goes round two Now tell me what the (fuck) are you supposed to do What do you know, when the meow is completed Girly girl cried rape, yo, I didn't really need it [Q-Tip] Sweetheart, we ain't going out like that [Repeat: x2] Sweetheart, we ain't going out like that(zulu) We ain't going out like that(zulu) We ain't going out like that Now baby bust it, if you want to groove Me and you can do it, it will be the move I won't cry over spilled milk If you won't let me take you to the Hilt I don't want to bone you that much That I would go for the unforbidden touch I'm not the type that would go for that I'll have to fetch a brand new cat Baby, baby, baby I don't want to be rude I know because of your bloody attitude I know why you act that way It usually happens on the 28th day I respect that crazily When you're done with the past can you come check me This ain't a joint to disrespect you Because one head ain't better than two Check it out It's a classic example of a, a date
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