Wiz KhalifaStar Of The Show

Yeah Ugh Ugh Ugh See I've been going on and on forever Them haters probably wonder when I'm gone stop, never Most of it's been good but I've seen some bad weather And niggas watching now, wouldn't even give me an umbrella But I ain't tripping, I made a million on my own May come to your surprise but I pictured it all along When I was sixteen, finna get put out my home Now the man make the money, my nigga, my money grown And I can do what I what, went form being hated on To niggas try to go down the same road I made it on Ain't no love lost but ain't no love shown So now when niggas call I just don't pick up the phone I'm breaking down the weed, put it in the bong Blow a hundred racks, put it in the song Party every weekend, hardly ever home Don't get a chance to see me face to face So you have to talk about me when I gone [Chorus] Stay away from the fake or phony (phony) Niggas who can't support their role So keep hatin' me from the crowd Everybody wants to be the star of the show-ow-ow The show-ow-ow (ow-ow) The show-ow-ow (ow-ow) The show-ow-ow (ow-ow) The show-ow-ow (ow-ow) The drinks poured up, weed's rolled up And all my jewelery ice age the piece froze up I only like to see the hoes who keep their nose up Have any nigga in the world but she chose us I remember them same hoes ain't even notice us Get you to buy a drink than its over cous' We back around the time that she sober'd up But shit ain't been the same since the limousine showed up The best moments of my life Never filled this much plastic off of Polo in my life Rarely gon' to see, smoking with ya wife Plus anything you want I can afford to buy it twice It's the way we know, wake up in the morn' Like "where did all my paper go" Roll some more weed and get medicated Everyday is a holiday so we celebrate it [Chorus] Niggas losing their roles Can't play they positions (play they positions) One day they down for the team (team) Next day they missin' (Next day they missin') Same ones was all in the front Supposed to be there for support (there for support) And half the time it's the ones you care for Fuck you here for, huh? You wanna be a, big shot, only number one Everybody wanna be a superstar Big shot, only number one But everybody wanna be the star though They wanna be a big shot, only number one Everybody wanna be a superstar Big shot, only number one But everybody wanna be the star though Ugh The money come, the money go And when it come down to it That's something niggas with real money should know We partied a lot, and drank Now they don't talk to me Started off not so great, now I'm on top of things I guess the difference is we ain't thinking the same So if I'm guilty of change, I guess I'm the one to blame I see the bigger picture on the wall in the frame Spent a couple of days on team making it rain I was cool but, I was thinking ocean views Polo trunk shades on and boat shoes Cantox lick oil, my nigga I ain't slippin' You won't star me out, ugh bad transmission So if for the better, yeah a nigga different That west coast weed, my homie Wiz twistin' Mattress money put up 'cause now my money different You got a lot to say, but they ain't never tried to listen Record all night in the studio in the morn Playin' back when we did, now tell me is that wrong Crack the Rose, pop a top or two And toast to what this hard work got us to
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