Jay-ZRoad Dawgs (feat. Eve And A Mike)

Dj Clue (Jay-Z) New shit (Uh, huh, check it out now) Road Dawgs Amil, Eve, Da Brat (Amillion, E-V-E) Jay-Z (First Lady) (Check it out, uh yo) (Don't watch me nigga watch my bitches) Ha ha (Uh, huh) (Uh huh, uh huh) (Yeah, yeah, Roc-A-Fella that's the clique) (nigga don't watch me better watch my bitches) [Eve] I stay sick wit Each??? Flow like liquid shit Harder than the dick get Nigga flew his whole clan just to get wit One touch nigga fiend for the c*** lick Don't leave'em nothing but a quick fix Me and money makers be the first pick and Do the dirt quick and S*** thug keep get me warm make my toes twitch Only fuck wit the raw you should know this Ruff Ryde, but you scared of the stallion Scheme for cream, me and Amillion Carry rockets in my pockets, better step back Put holes in ya back you can bet that, hustle for the dollar Eve, like to cut you, make you holler Play cuts for bucks and watch'em pile up You want more? See me in the drop top it's on Peach color pony head course Player instinct, learned from my dogs Save ya money baby I'ma take you to the mall And I buy you something small Maybe something negligen Cartier, came fast in small things What I need to survive is a peace of the pie, feel me E-V-E, capitalize Taking the shit, making it mine Big niggas in the game that'll let us find Put me up against anybody I shine Taking my time for this line for line Mad chart thugs wit yours crime for crime Real bitches keeping it raw, about time Chorus: 2xs [Jay-Z] (Amil) Where my hoes in this house who Hold they niggas down who -
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