She arrived on a 74 /About 20 to 11 She comes to see him, him as in me She comes to see And it's never complicated Other women cannot fade it Whenever I call She gets dressed up and all Supercute Chorus Maybe it's cause she comes from East L. A. But every time I see her body on display I gotta call her name from the dj booth Strobe light flash and you know the truth Baby got game, she'll take your loot Keys to the crib with no dispute See her dancing in her birthday suit - Supercute Together we wonder how we got enslaved and why (It's time to get freedom for our people) Jericho falls when we all discern the lie Yo, why the man wanna lie? I look at her eyes go wild, she smiles - Supercute Chorus On a dare I wanna see if she will share The kinda toys she uses when I'm not there None at all she swears I don't care (I don't care) I make her buy another one And a new dress to wear (vibrator noise) Goes the toy against her curly hair Now she must confess How she really like to play Or if she don't, I lower the speed And bad words she'll say Tell me how you play, how you play Even in her anger she's still Supercute Chorus Shake it around When you see her dancing in her birthday suit - Supercute © 2018