Jay-ZPoppin Tags (remix) (feat. Ludacris & Twista)

(feat. Big Boi, Killer Mike, Twista) [IntroChorus: repeat 2X] And we gon' stay hustlin on that block until we caught And we gon' stay showin off that jewelry that we bought And we gon' stay leavin out the stores with heavy bags Cause we poppin tags, pimpin we be poppin tags! [Verse One: Jay-Z] We arose, let's go "So Fresh So Clean" like 'Kast Jay-Z be poppin tags Leavin the mall with heavy bags You know the boy got a love for the cash Aw fuck, there he go again Talkin bout hoes and dough again Yup! -- Can't hold it in I'm surprised I got so much dough to spend But, back when I was poorer then You wasn't focusin, about the dough I spend But I was holdin in, I was a roller then I was a baller back then, all of that man Fall back, I fought that What would you do if you was in my shoes? Leave dudes in the rearview V-12 engine, corners spinnin Twinkies shinin, pinky ring Armadale, nigga stinky stink Top, down, my cash is up Gold chain, I don't give a fuck Gold brain'll get you in the truck ma That's right, you in luck ma You see me cruisin down, better step inside Ain't enough room to fit you all in the ride First come, first served basis You know Hov' be goin to nice places That's right, and I'm droppin cash Leave the mall with garbage bags Gucci this, Prada that Roll witcha boy you'll be poppin tags [Verse Two: Twista] It's a party when I go up in the sto' Shoppin while I'm zooted off the dro' Rollin like a nigga that just came up on a mill' and I got 'em sweepin and pickin up tags off the flo' Bag full of clothes I remember havin rocks in the hall on the glimmer with the gl
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