2PacMy Lil Homies

Yeah these are my words to my firstborn, you know what time it is, These are My words to my firstborn, nothing left to hear (Tupac) Can you picture Young niggas in the a rush to grow The hard times in the pen Had to crush his throat Probaly never even saw it coming To busy bullshitting Caught him with his mouth runnin Ain't that a bitch They got me twisted in this game The fedz, and the po police pointing pistols at my brain I wonder if I'm wrong Cause I'm thugged out My homies murdered execution style Runnin in the drug house What was suppose to be a easy hit Now shit is flipped Cause niggas died over bullshit It's not my dream Seeing pictures of a broken man No witnesses Only the question of a smoked man Young addalicent in the prime live the life of crime But what ain't logical We hobble through these trying times Living blind Lord help me with my troubled soul Why all my homiez had to die before they got to grow And right before I put my head on the pillow I saw a prayer One love to the thug's in heaven I'll see you there It's written for the young and dumb that wasn't born Help me make it threw the storm The words to my first born feel me My words to my firstborn My words to my first born (Tupac) Since my very first day on this earth I was cursed So I knew the birth of a child would make my lif
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