PrinceOld Friend 4 Sale

The sun set in the west this mornin' 4 I know, I know L. A. Is callin' Bad news, Steve said, and people are talkin' They say your kingdom is fallin', yeah They say you lost your fire When another musician you hired Little do they know, you wouldn't have passed go Unless they could take you higher, yeah The sun set in my heart this afternoon 4 2 friends of mine got stuck in the snow In Uptown when winter's alarmin', oh Cocaine becomes charmin' But you talk about things you don't know 'bout I know, no matter how pleasant your past was Green and white return 2 blue U're happy as long as your last buzz And then you think you want something new, yeah The sun, the sun set in my mind this evening 4 someone who said they would die 4 me Sold some, they sold some more pictures and all my little memories Chump change is 2 unravel the mystery, ah ha But life is no fun, life ain't no fun without fantasy Some things are better left unsaid And some people are better left untrusted Maybe, maybe, maybe it'll all make sense when I'm dead When I'm dead Old friends 4 sale Get'em while the gettin' is hot Watch out, they'll kiss you until they get what you got And they'll show you the friends that they're not Old friends 4 sale © 2018