Adam SandlerZittly Van Zittles

Well, I had myself a girlfriend For almost two whole years We had no secrets We had no fears There was nothing we wouldn't do When we were in the sack She'd even pop the zit on my back But one night I was out cheating After I drank a few She caught me red handed And said we're through Now she's got a new boyfriend It nearly gave me a heart attack 'Cause who's gonna pop this zit on my back? Well I got a pimple and I don't know why It keeps growing in the same place I can't reach it with my left or right hand I wish it was on my face It's four days old And it hurts so bad But it's ready for a squeeze Won't somebody pop it for me please? I'll give you ten dollars If you're a girl in this lonely world And you're looking for a guy I'll never cheat again, I promise That's no lie There's only one thing I ask of you Could we name our first child Zak? Oh, one more thing Please pop this zit on my back I'm dying here! A pimple ay-hee A pop-a-doodly-doo Squirt heedly-hoo Well I'm sitting alone by the phone And no one seems to call I try to scrape my zit off on the kitchen wall Well that don't work, so I look around And find a big shiny thumb-tack Put it on the floor, lay down Pop the zit on my back © 2017