Rod StewartMiss Judy’s Farm

(ronnie wood, rod stewart)Miss judy she was moodyowned a sweaty farm in old alabami was just 18, crude and meanall I needed was to get my own wayget out of my waymiss judy she could have meany hour of the working dayshe’d send me in the corn field mid afternoonsaid son it’s all part of your jobmiss judy had a cross eyed poodlethat I would kick if I was given the chancenever was amused by the kindness I usedi was whipped in the barn until dawnit hurt melast summer we was restlesswere gonna make a stand and burn down your farmbut it was all in the headcause out in the yardmiss judy had the national guardwe was beaten, before we startedmiss judy she was moodyand she always didn’t get her own wayjust state the facts, get it rightkick her when she’s down © 2018