Elton JohnBig Man In A Little Suit

Music by elton johnLyrics by bernie taupinReleased as a uk b-side in 1998Oh I’ve been staying up nightsThinking about a long flight that could take me homeOr a slow train rollingOr a big boat floating out there on that lonely oceanI’m not the man I wasI guess the dark side lost and the sun broke throughI thought I knew it allI was the next big thing until I thought about youOh I was reaching for the starsWhen I wasn’t even touching youI was lying to myself, I needed no one’s helpThought I was living proofWhen there’s one set of footstepsNo one’s gonna fill your shoesNow I’m looking in the mirrorAt a big man in a little suitI’m a big man in a little suitIt’s tight on me, hard on youIt’s a short cut but it’s a long way homeWhen you think you can make it on you ownYou think you’re bulletproofBut what you really areIs a big man in a little suitI was part of the chainA face with no name in a place with no soulBy a thief in the nightI was robbed of the light and left nothing, nothing to holdI’ve turned my back on a world like thatI want to get back to loving youGive me one more chanceWon’t you warm the hands of this cold headed fool
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