Dolly PartonFish Out Of Water

(Dolly Parton) I feel so out of place here With this high society These high fallutin' people Don't know what to make of me I feel like a minnow in a sea of Moby Dicks A small fry in a big pan They're caviar -- I'm fish sticks Fish out of water I know I don't belong Fish out of water Everything I do is wrong My style of hair, the clothes I wear The way I speak, the things I eat The way I act, my lack of tact Nothin' seems to fit Fish out of water Flounderin' round Out of my element But I'm just as good as they are Why do I feel second rate It's like, "Sorry Charlie, We want only tuna with good taste" I guess you could say Wal-Mart Is quite a way from Gucci's I'm Timex, they're Rolex I'm Captain D's, they're sushi Fish out of water I've had it to the gills Fish out of water With these yuppie-guppie frills Yeah, I'm a square in a round hole A catfish in a goldfish bowl A little fish with lots of soul Out of my element Fish out of water Flounderin' round just for the Halibut Save me, save me S.O.S. somebody Save me, save me Somebody rescue me Fish out of water Somebody throw me in Fish out of water On a scale of one to ten I'm a two, perhaps a three Compared to the big fish in the sea I'm washed ashore so save me please I'm in an awful fix Fish out of water Rescue me And you better do it quick Fish out of water It's such a culture shock Fish out of water My stomach's tied in knots Fish out of water Fish out of water © 2018