Dolly PartonBlue Me

(Dolly Parton) Blue me, blue me Blue is the color That fits best on me I'm blue Just as blue as can be Blue me, Blue me I cry And I die I lie awake at night And I question why Must it be I can never be free Blue me, Blue me My heart is heavy But it's empty inside No one to love me Or to lay down beside I'm blue The queen of sorrow Wears royal blue My luck ain't changin' Is it ever goin' to I'm blue, Oh I'm blue Why must I wear this robe of blue misery Blue me, Blue me Ooh This sad old feeling Is breakin' me down No satisfaction with these blues hangin' 'round Lord, I'm blue Oh, I'm so blue Why can't I shake it tell me where will this end When will I get out of this blue rut I'm in Oh, I'm blue Looks like the blues just took a liking to me Blue me, Blue me Blue me, Blue me Blue is the color that fits best on me Ooooh, I'm blue I'm just as blue as can be Blue me Blue me © 2018