Dolly PartonBlue Me

Blue me, blue meBlue is the colorThat fits best on meI’m blueJust as blue as can beBlue me, blue meI cryAnd I dieI lie awake at nightAnd I question whyMust it beI can never be freeBlue me, blue meMy heart is heavyBut it’s empty insideNo one to love meOr to lay down besideI’m blueThe queen of sorrowWears royal blueMy luck ain’t changin’Is it ever goin’ toI’m blue, oh I’m blueWhy must I wear this robe of blue miseryBlue me, blue meOohThis sad old feelingIs breakin’ me downNo satisfaction with these blues hangin’ ’roundLord, I’m blueOh, I’m so blueWhy can’t I shake it tell me where will this endWhen will I get out of this blue rut I’m inOh, I’m blueLooks like the blues just took a liking to meBlue me, blue meBlue me, blue meBlue is the color that fits best on meOoooh, I’m blueI’m just as blue as can beBlue me,Blue me © 2014