Bruce SpringsteenThe Word

Well you flash your tongue like diamondsyou tied me to your wildcat schemesand you forced me into a power diveand left your mark on my jeansand I hear the word on your soldiersand I hear the word on jesus tooi heard the word on the countrybut I never heard the word on youyour love was like a machine guni wore your bugle in my beltand I was your kid glove loverall the cards were yoursyou always dealtand I stood before your soapboxnoiseless and shoelessplaying my pantry boy’s gamesyou had your hands raised up to the skyshouting oh sunday deityoh big daddy longlegscome down and bless your sister pleaseyou were shoutin’ orders about the constructiongoing on down the highwayyou were namin’ names, blamin’ blamesand you blamed meyou wore your heart like a challengefar and apart for anyone who cameopen and wide like the riverwith rocks on both sides to keep the water tamebut I heard the word on your high tidesand I felt the pain when I triedto rip your flood gates wideand pull your body on over to my sidewhere we both could hidebut you heard about the freedom rideand you heard about the highway crewwho could cut the light a little bit faster than youso you left me just your shoesand I hear the word on jesusand I hear the word on his marching troopand I hear the word on the countrybut I never heard the word on you © 2018