Bruce SpringsteenNo Need

She’s a broken winged angelrefugee from things her mama knewand she’s done everything the Bible say not to dowell I don’t know if she believes in jesusthe good book, or even satan you seei’m just trying to get her to believe in meoh, ’cause when I see her faceno matter where I am I’m in the right placeand the girls I left behindoh, they never satisfied me, it’s so truebut baby, baby, you doshe’s the belle of eighth streethigh society’s midnight vampoh, she’s my queen and I’m her trampyes she’s a free falling flyerand she flows whichever way that the wind blowsand she’s the only woman I never knewwho could teach me more about me, bind me in chainsand still let me be freemy heart swells up insidestarts beating like I’m gonna dieand my body breaks in painas she falls down on me like the rainit’s only her and my songs that keep me from going insaneand I guess I’m one of those peoplewho measures love in painyou see, I never had too much personal successand to me there’s nothing sweeterthan a teardrop of raini just love that feeling of sadnessoh and it worries me so... She’s my west side angelshe looks so funky in her hollywood wingand she knows how I stumble when I talkso she says: don’t talk, babe, just singand I have seen her body in candle glowin the deep heart of the nightwhen you finally let loose of everythingoh, and she loves me like such a good womanand still, oh, she’s just a sweet young thingand I know this might sound crazyor just the words of a young foolbut I swear I’d be on the floorand she ever walked out the doori swear I’d wish that she would shoot me firstand I know that sounds insane but sometimes I believe it’s trueand that’s what scares me worst’cause I dance for hertake any chance for herand I play for herlord God knows I play for herand I need for herand I bleed for her © 2018