Beach BoysWinds Of Change

Winds of change blow 'round my door Is this the year I've been waiting for? Worlds in motion endlessly Cosmic ocean flows into my heart Part of me would like to be (would like to be) A shining lighthouse for all to see (for all to see) When the dark night hides the sun Shine a light for everyone to see Isn't that the way it should be? I am no stranger to a world of change There are always situations to rearrange But there's something special 'bout this quiet dawn It seems to sing a song to everyone It's dawning on and on and on Of change are here at last (are here at last) The clouds have lifted, the storm has passed (the storm has passed) Nights we've known are on the run And there's a bright and shining sun For everyone to see Winds of change (Won't last forever) (Won't last forever) (Won't last forever) © 2018