Beach BoysEndless Harmony

Ocean lovers who like to harmonizeThey’re all cousins friends and brothersAnd they make their mamas cryThey’re record-making heart-breakingJust west coast boysWhat I know it’s a beginning of an endless harmonyOooo ooo oooooStriped shirt freedomBrave new worldsGo out on the roadWhere there’s mid-sixties screamingAnd that nighttime holiday schemingWhile a lifestyle turns to goldMusic’s growingAnd vibrations showingWhat’s it all meanI know it means there’s an endless harmonyAnd we sang God bless americaIt’s a land where we tourShe takes great care of usAnd people love for where we singWe sing doot doo doot, doot doo doot, doot doo doo doo © 2014