Beach BoysWe’ll Run Away

We know they’re right when they say we’re not readyBut all we care is how we feel right nowWe’ll go ahead just the samePrepare to take the blameWe’ll run away and get married anyhowThey warned us that we can’t live on love foreverBut we just tell them we’ll get by somehowOur problems will be greaterWe’ll worry ’bout them laterWe’ll run away and get married anyhowIf other kids went through itThen I know we can do itIf our love is that much strongerIt will last that much longerIt wasn’t too long ago when our folks wereWere going through the same thing we are nowBut one thing they’re forgettingA thing they’re not regrettingThey ran away and got married anyhow(ran away and got married)Anyhow(ran away and got married)They ran away and got married anyhow © 2014