Beach BoysEveryone’s In Love With You

Oooooo-ooooo-oooooOoo-ooo-oooEveryone’s in love with youBut you can’t fall in love with anyoneStill everyone’s in love with youThough you can’t fall in love with only oneSo many people have had a love affairHave had a love to share like mineBut I tell you peopleI found something newA love of a different kindEveryone’s in love with youThough most just barely glimpse a part of youThey all can see your love shine throughIt come s from deep within the heart of youSo many people have had their love affairsHad their loves to share like mineNow I tell you peopleI witnessed something newA love that could only be divineEveryone’s in love with youAnd though you can’t belong to only oneStill everyone’s in love with youBecause (beacause) you gave your love(beacause) because you gave your love (you gave your love)Because you gave your love to everyone © 2014