CherParadise Is Here

You say you want to live some Move out into the fast lane You say you need excitement To make you come alive Some place a million miles from The shadows that surround you I look for your attention You're lost out in the future Where lovers ask no questions And shadows never fall Some pilgrim bound for paradise No compromise Paradise is here Chorus: It's time to stop your crying The future is this moment And not some place out there Tonight I need your love Don't talk about tomorrow Right now I need your loving Right now give it to me Right now I want your loving Right now- now, now, now You talk about your new plans To move up on the stairway Your dream about the high life That's waiting for you there A world of fame and fortune That's just around the corner But I don't need no high life To make me feel a real man And I don't need to reach for No castles in the sky Just put your arms around me Devour me Cause paradise is here Chorus Tonight I need Your loving Paradise is here © 2018