I want to see you cry b***h. Everything you ever loved is bullshit, I never cared, I never f*****g cared. You should have listened to the people you f****d behind My back (they're right) I'm a monster And don't you think of ever showing your face here again, Or I'll rip it off and feed it to the hounds. I could never emphasize how much I just wish you were F*****g skinned alive. And I'm glad the world is ending, no longer will I be Plagued by the thought of you. I will finally breathe again, with my soul at rest.(X2) Quit your f*****g bitching. Once the skin is gone you wont feel anymore. This is for the good of the world, So quit your f*****g complaining. You are the subject of my elegy, You are the topic of my eulogy. You are the ashes scattered across this s**t wasteland. Hell will welcome you with open arms. © 2014