Iced EarthHarbinger Of Fate

When I was young I was different There was more inside of me So alone yet a sense of purpose The guiding light of the order nurtured me Daunted by the truth revealed What am I? what's my destiny? A million souls, the priest incarnate I am the one, I am the astral beast [Chorus] I am the wicked the dealer of fate Harbinger of sorrow I'm the assassin, the dealer of fate Framing mans tomorrow I thrive as the lone traveler Trough the folds of time and space The chosen one to foreshadow The hand of god will eradicate this race I am the past, I'm cure for sorrow I am the now, I'm the every age I'm the future ending mans tomorrow The hand of god, the harbinger of fate [Chorus] Kingdoms will fall, empires crumble Seizing on the politics of hate I am the one, the devil in the details The hand of god, the harbinger of fate [Chorus] © 2017