Hey baby this is not a challenge It just means that I love you As much as I always said I did I was wrong I have been laughable wrong Sandpaper, paper, marche, chalk And hung out wet On the city and your skin now I didn't have to be afraid I didn't have to feel so stupid I can see myself I can feel Chorus That just the slightest bit of finesse Might have made a little less mess But it was what it was Let's all get on with it now Discover (repeats) Laughing Discover Floating across Houston This is where I am I see the city rise up tall The opportunities and possibilities I have never felt so called Remember the vodka espresso Night of discovery Remember that Laughing Discover Oh how I look back and reflect How I felt it How it set I don't have to feel so wrong now I wake up dreaming saffron Turmeric and brass Chorus © 2018