T.i.I Can't Help It

Yea... Na... Ok... What... What... AY AY AY AY AY T.I. Verse Only: You kno me bitch nigga I'm all of that Hit ya broad wit a pitch didn't call her back Relax lil cat let the big dog attack Thought it was over for me homie, did you fall for that? You turned... no cardiac Get ya hand out my pockets what with all of that Tell the sheriff he can get these fuckin charges back No jailtime gotta thank God for that Regardless big bank can't fold it up Aint another nigga flowin who as cold as bruh Quarter mil for the show really kno what's up Louis duffle bag stay loaded up Get her to the hotel better know what's up Leave them niggas out there give the hoes to us We aint never had a problem gettin hoes to fuck Suck dick, lick, spit from the shoulders up I let this nut get all over her Another thick bitch kissing all over her Bust the pussy wide open can't close it up Make her bounce that shit when you fount that bitch She was laid on the ground panties down 6 chicks With a trash bag of money tryin to count that shit Never will find me around that bitch Unless she got them lips wrapped around that dick Other niggas wanna make love fuck that I bing, bang, pow, beat down that clit Sick wit it like E-40 nem Fill up every hoe jaw that you saw wit him It's the K.I.N.G, AKA Big Bank AKA Shawty Pimp AKA Shawty Pimp Big Bank AKA Shawty Pimp
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