RihannaCalifornia King Bed

Chest to chest Nose to nose Palm to palm We were always just that close Wrist to wrist Toe to toe Lips that felt just like the inside of a rose [Bridge:] So how come when I reach out my finger It feels like more than distance between us [Chorus:] In this California king bed Were 10000 miles apart I been California wishing on the stars For your heart on me My California king Eye to eye Cheek to cheek Side by side You were sleeping next to me Arm in arm Dusk to dawn With the curtains drawn And a little last night on these sheets (Repeat Bridge + Chorus) Just when I felt like giving up on us You turned around and gave me one last touch That made everything feel better And even then my eyes got wetter So confused when I asked ask you if you love me But I don't wanna seem so weak Maybe I've been California dreaming (Repeat Chorus x2)
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