Yolanda AdamsThe Battle Is Not Yours

[Talking] There is no pain. Jesus can't feel. There is No hurt that he can not heal. All things work, [yes they do] According to the master perpous an his holy will No matter what, Your going threw. Remember that God only wants a chance to use you For the battle is not yours. It's the Lords. There no sadness. Jesus can not feel And there is no sorrow That the master is not able and willing to heal remember that All things work there not going to be all good but they shall work acording to God perpuse and his Holy Will. No matter what, no matter what going through remember God sees all and he know all and all he want to do is use you For this battle is not yours. It's, it's, it's the Lords (It's the Lords) [Till fade] No, it's not yours, it's the Lords
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