All About EveDecember

There's a victorian tin, I keep my memories in, I found it up in the attic. After looking inside, I find the things that I'm hiding... The leaves saved from a mistletoe kiss, Only nostalgia has me feeling like this... Like I miss you, It must be the time of year. Remember december, It's like a wintergreen beside a diamond stream, Remember december, A fall of snow and the afterglow. It could be taking our breath away But the years stand in the way, Remember december, How does it make you feel inside ? Beneath a valentine, I see a locket is shining I think it must be the wine, Makes me feel it's all real. Where nothing seems to rhyme To breathe life into the dust of a keepsake I might as well try to fix a chain on a snowflake Or a heartache, It must be the time of year. Remember... Should I feel this alone, should I pick up the phone Should I call you up and wish you 'happy christmas' ? I feel so alone, should I pick up the phone Take my heart in my hand And ask if you remember... © 2018