Cyndi LauperHole In My Heart

I've got a ticket, no turning back My destination, The sea of trouble, the land of pain You're sending me where it always rains Oh reconsider, I'm begging you, some hesitation I'm holding on to my sanity I feel the beginning of emergency My hands are slipping, oh please don't let me fall into [Chorus] This hole in my heart that goes all the way to china You gotta fill it up with love before I fall inside of, This empty hole in my heart that goes all the way to China And though you can't see the bottom, believe me it's a long way down I'm on a planet without a plan It's oh so lonely I need to see you to get out of here There's something deadly in this atmosphere I'm in a desert, without a drink of your sweet water You're my oasis in the burning sand I'm out of danger when you touch my hand Throw me a lifeline, I'm standing on the edge of [Chorus] The gun was loaded, I didn't know I pulled the trigger, I heard a noise then the room went dark I felt the bullet going in my heart I feel so dizzy, oh please don't let me fall, don't leave me in [Chorus] I've got a hole in my heart You've got to fill it up with love © 2017