Allison MoorerIs Heaven Good Enough For You

(Allison Moorer/Doyle Primm) Heard the preacher at the service Declare you'd gone home that day To meet the Maker and His servants And take a rest amidst His grace He said now that you're in heaven Your trials on earth are through But I didn't hear him mention If heaven's good enough for you He claimed you feel no more sorrow Since you're free from all life's fears But can the blessed on God's mountain Love you more than I down here I was raised not to question Promises the Bible makes But how could the Almighty Make such a terrible mistake Did the Lord's illumination Shine upon you from His throne When He witnessed my sweet angel Suffer on the long road home If there's really no more teardrops And the streets are paved with gold Send me down some reassurance I don't believe what I've been told If there really is a kingdom Where you start your life anew Won't you please somehow convince me That heaven's good enough for you © 2018