Greyson ChanceStars

[Verse One] I started to cry as the doctor told me. She was going to leave us tonight So I stifled my tears now and went to her room To my surprise she had a twinkle in her eyes She said: "You know that I am leaving you behind but don't worry I'll be fine, I'll be behind the blue skies, among those beautiful stars". [Chorus] Cause in the sky You're so high There are beautiful stars which shine the night She'll be dancing in the clouds. She'll be singing in the rain Among those beautiful stars [Verse Two] She held her hand out as she went She took her last breath And the tears starting flowing out again And I went to the window And I opened it. There she was she was shining the sky Amongst the beautiful sky [Chorus 2x] [Verse Three] Five years have past The cancer was spreading I wouldn't last. So I took my last breath [Chorus 2x] We were dancing in the clouds We were singing in the rain Among those beautiful stars © 2018