Natalie ImbrugliaLukas

They call him "Lukas" Climbing the stairs to talk to you Comin' to tell his story Every single one of which is true Hello, Lukas I'm please to meet you, now how do you do? So they go driving Out to the river like lovers do You smell out the summer Baby, the summer just smells of you One day, I'm gonna be a famous writer Some book like love in the afternoon It was all Lukas could say Maybe one day, we could run away, run away I thought we never last I thought we never last Now here comes Lukas He done everything he wanna do It was twenty years later Come back to do what he promised to He come back to make her happy But these things don't always wait for you And poor Lukas was late That's when he got back, she'll be married today Gone away I thought we never last I thought we never last And Lukas would say For a million lonely people Another long gone For a million hearts that opened A million break And the world's just a fallen angel in my way I'm up in heaven, you can hear them say Lookin' for Lukas but Lukas was always runnin' away © 2017