AnimaniacsLet The Anvils Ring

Let the Anvils Ring Yakko: Let us introduce ourselves O people of this land Wakko: We are the Warner brothers Dot: With sister close at hand. Yakko: I bet you all are wondering Who is this young unknown? And why am I inheriting The Anvilanian throne? Men: Yes, why? Women: Yes, why? Crowd: Oh, please, please tell us why. Yakko: The bottom of the family tree Starts with Yakko; that is me. I'm the cousin to the sister Of son's niece's brother Of the uncle's daughter's father Of the nephew's sister's mother And my grandpa's only cousin Was the King's daughter's sibling, But they're all gone, Crowd: So that is why Yakko: I am now your king! Crowd: He is now our king! Yakko: Yes, I am now your king! Repeat what I just said! Crowd: Repeat what I just said! Yakko: And let the anvils ring! (Anvil Chorus plays) Yw D: Old King Yakko's mania (Anvils play © 2018