Todd RundgrenYou Make Me Crazy

I waited all night I smoked a hundred cigarettes I chewed my lip 'til it bled But the phone made not a sound Sometimes I wonder If you ever wonder what's become of little old me But I ain't no baby, I ain't gonna cry but, baby You don't know what's going on inside me Y' know, you make me crazy What you do to me It's a chemical reaction or an allergy Y' know, you make me crazy You're aware of that Why don't you come and put me away? It was a long night I could barely keep my head I heard a knock on the door It was only Harry Jones I used to wonder What it is that makes me feel like I can't be free 'Cause you don't give me nothing You never give me nothing But you don't know what's going on inside me Y' know you make me crazy I'm in misery Are you interested enough to see what's left of me? You scared me The way you move in the night Your face is something frightening You're not so nice I'm gonna wonder Who you spend your time with Everywhere you go and what you see I know I'm not your daddy I don't want to be your daddy But you know what's going on inside me? © 2018